Filter & Separator Products

We provide engineered solutions for a wide range of phase contacting and separation applications. In addition to mist eliminators and liquid-liquid coalescers, our products include trays, structured and random packings, tower internals, and coalescing filters. We also supply turnkey separation packages for primary contractors and end users

Gas Filter & Separators

We offer the orizontal double barrel and/or Vertical filter separators are designed to provide efficient liquid/solid removal and high gas capacities. The coalescer filter section removes bulk liquid and solid particles and also coalesces fine liquid droplets into larger ones. These larger droplets are then removed in the second [Double Pocket (DP) Vane] section. We offer utilizes high capacity DP Vanes to increase the separator’s throughput and thus minimize the separator diameter.

The double barrel configuration allows you to maximize the gas flow in the upper barrel without re-entrainment while the liquid drops into the lower barrel. We offer standard coalescing filters that can be replaced periodically or designs that can be cleaned and reused.


- High gas capacity with a compact vessel
- Low maintenance
- No plugging of the DP Vane
- High efficiency
- Debottle neck existing equipment


- Gas Plants
- Transmission Stations
- Gas Inlet to Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
- Gas Gathering Systems
- Turbine Fuel Gas

Liquid-Liquid Separators

Our liquid-liquid separation technology can solve a wide range of separation problems involving immiscible liquids. Whether it is capacity constraints, loss of valuable solvents or more stringent environmental compliance, We can help you meet these requirements. We offer different types of coalescer media and has solutions for even the most difficult to separate applications. For new applications or for retrofits, We can provide cost-effective solutions for your liquid-liquid separation requirements.

Advantages of our products
- Capital cost savings due to smaller vessel size
- Increase in capacity for existing vessels
- Savings due to recovery of solvents
- Better product quality
- Reduced tank inventory
- Compliance with regulatory laws
- Field proven worldwide

Diverse Range of Coalescer Media:
- Wire mesh packs
- Corrugated plate packs
- Radial flow elements
- Combination media

Typical Applications:
- Oil-water separations
- Removal of aqueous solutions from hydrocarbon streams
- Removal of haze from fuels
- Enhanced separation of reflux streams
- Three phase separations

We also offers complete skid-mounted packaged systems with piping, controls and instrumentation. For an evaluation of your liquid-liquid separation application,please contact our separations specialist


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