Fired thermal fluid heaters and process heaters

Welcome to Heatec Industrial Products Heatec builds fired thermal fluid heaters and process heaters in outputs from 0.5 to 125 million Btu/hour. 

These thermal fluid heat transfer systems serve numerous industries. Heatec designs include two-pass helical coil heaters from 0.5 to 60-million Btu/hour, All-convection Convectec™ heaters up to 125-million Btu/hour, Three-pass helical coil heaters up to 60-million Btu/hour, Vertical serpentine heater/vaporizers, Mixing tanks, Bath heaters, Waste heat recovery systems, Code expansion tanks and piping, Pump Skids, and more. 

Area classification All electrical and instrumentation will be certified use in hazardous area. As a minimum, the equipment will be suitable for service in a Class I, Zone 2, Group IIA, T3 hazardous area as defined by API RP 505.

HCI Thermal Fluid Heaters & Process Heaters

The Heatec HCI thermal fluid heater is an industrial heater commonly used in closed-loop thermal fluid heat transfer systems. The heater is designed around a helical coil. Thermal fluid flows through the helical coil, gaining radiant and convective heat from hot burner gases. The heated thermal fluid then transfers heat to end users such as tanks, presses, dryers, reactors, chillers, extruders, steam generators, or other equipment. The heater's two-pass design provides high efficiency, simplicity and low maintenance. Heating coils meet ASME code. 

HCI heaters can also be designed as process heaters. In a process heating application, HCI heaters heat liquid or gas products as they flow through the heating coils of the heater. Process heating applications include heating vegetable oil for cooking, heating natural gas for gas regeneration, heating fuel gas or inlet air for power generation, and many others. 

HCM Thermal Fluid Heaters- Cargo Heater for Marine Vessels

Heatec HCM thermal fluid heaters are used to heat cargo on barges and other workboats. Typical applications include heating asphalt, heavy fuel, sulphur or phosphates.

HCM heaters meet U.S. Coast Guard specifications. And they are certified by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) when requested by the customer.

HCM heaters are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Outputs range from 1 to 20 million Btu per hour. They are available in standard 2-pass designs as well as 3-pass designs. All can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The special needs of marine use
HCM heaters are designed to withstand the stresses produced by the constant pounding and vibration in normal maritime operation. Moreover, they can take the punishment produced in ocean storms with 30 foot waves.

Water Bath heaters

Indirectly heats process fluids in either gaseous or liquid states. The fluids flow through the heated coils in the heater. The coils are immersed in a liquid bath heated by a fire tube, which is heated by a burner. The liquid bath may be a mixture of water and glycol, a salt solution, or occasionally a thermal fluid, depending upon the temperatures needed. Capacities range from 300,000 to 6 million Btu/hour

Waste heat recovery units

Recovers heat from exhaust gases of gas-powered turbines or other machines or processes that generate heated gases that might otherwise be wasted. Can be used with turbine engines, recriprocating engines, or with process streams. The hot gases are routed around finned coils that pick up the heat. The coils heat fluid flowing through them. The fluid is used to heat other materials. We design the units for your specific application



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