Swegee Pigs, Pig Launchers & Receivers

Launchers and receivers are pressure vessels used to introduce and remove pigs, spheres and inspection tools from the pipeline. We offer custom design pig launchers & receivers.

 We  provide a variety of products including:

- Pressure Vessels 

- Tanks 

- Bellmouth Reducers 

- Instrument Supports  

- Pig Launchers & Receivers 

- Duct and Transition Pieces 

- Spectacle and Drip Rings 

- Orifice Plates and Flanges 

Pressure Vessels
We offer pressure vessels and tanks built to ASME Code.  Our field erected tanks and offer a complete line of heat exchangers, coolers, gas sweeteners, scrubber bottles, pig launchers and receivers, all types of closures, attachments and hardware, buoys, and complete skid units.

Engineering and design are done per ASME Section VIII, division 1.  Full in-house finite element analysis capabilities, and often utilizes this methodology to prove designs. We offer 24-hour service and provides emergency field service during installation or plant shutdowns.

Quality Control 
Additionally, We do extensive physical testing to prove designs.  Designs are performed using in-house developed design software and proven by in-house finite element analysis.



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